Healthy Weight Loss 10 week Intermittent Fasting & Flexible Dieting

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Healthy Weight Loss

New Program

Lose Weight Build Muscle.

Trying to lose a few pounds? This is the program to jump start your fitness and change your old patterns of thinking about dieting.

This NEW PROGRAM is safe, effective, easy to follow for healthy and lasting weight loss. Everything is done for you. You will learn to meal prep, journal, and how to create lasting healthy habits.

Intermittent Fasting & Flexible Dieting for WEIGHT LOSS by Kathy Dolan Fitness

You can have the BEST Workouts going and still not lose weight.

Doing this program will bring change to your mind and body with results faster than just working out.

Change your mind, change your body.

"A systematic review of 40 studies found that

intermittent fasting was effective for weight loss with a typical loss of 7-11 pounds over 10 weeks." -Harvard ED

This program includes a consultation. ($80)

10 week program includes diet plan, mind body weight loss,

weekly workout routines, strength workouts, cardio workouts meditations, and yoga for weight loss.

You will get support, guidance and unlimited access to your Coach

9 LIVE STREAM weekly Coaching calls and unlimited text or email.

Starts with a Consultation with Health Coach Kathy Dolan

$300 for 10 weeks

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