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My name is Kathy Dolan and I am the creator of “Total Body Blast Transformation 90” my signature program that helps clients transform their health and fitness to exceptional levels with my cutting edge health and fitness system. My clients are experiencing life changing transformations! LET’S GET YOU TRAINING! There is a package to fit most budgets. Private coaching, small group, macro makeovers. You get online LIVE fitness, when and where you can. My clients are finally losing the body fat, for a good. Stop with the yo-yo dieting and crazy detox scams. I have tons of testimonials and miles of smiles from years of training. Expert in health, wellness, and fitness , a Master Coach, a busy Mom. My passion is offering these life changing total health and fitness programs. Fitness is more than reps, sets, dieting, and cardio. Experience a quamtom leap In results. Just start.

Change your mind change your life. You and your health are priceless.

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