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Train ANYWHERE with a wifi connection and on any device. In-home, office, gym, or park LIVE! Get the support of a Health & Fitness Coach and you will get to your  goals. I have coached thousands with my science-based training programs that get actual results that last.

I offer personalized health and fitness programs because fitness is not a one-size-fits-all. Discover the many programs and find the one that's right for you. These include weight loss, athletic performance, health coaching, life coaching, natural bodybuilding, yoga, core, and functionality workouts, for injury prevention. Get a diet makeover and learn about tracking macros and food plans. Living life full of energy, and vitality, with a sound fitness regime,is possible. I have thousands of clients and referrals here and am confident in my methods.

The results speak volumes with such a high client retention rate and years of sweat & smiles. Train with an Experienced Master Trainer Coach.

Class It Up with this amazing LIVE Virtual Training Community. ALL levels of fitness are welcomed here.


Live Stream and Online TRAINING

Live stream Personal Training weekly, monthly, yearly, subscription available. Privates-Semi-Privates-Small group

Done for you programs, movement assessments, macro makeovers, everything you need to succeed.


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Since 1993

Health and Fitness!

Those who help and support others in their fitness journey have a story of their own. A passion for health and fitness that grows through a life time of experiences.  Class it up Fitness is a branch of the tree that was planted years ago.  Follow me for the story!

Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Kickboxing Instructor.

Busy Mom and Virtual Fitness Studio owner.

I’m not selling anything but HEALTH and YEARS to your life.

Motivation, education, & support. Inspiring and changing lives daily!

I can and will share years of success stories and look forward to many more.

Living and breathing the latest in Health and Fitness.

Lifestyles of the FIT AND FABULOUS starts when you do!

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Every superstar has a COACH and so can YOU! You don't have to do this alone!

I look forward to meeting you!

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