“I met Kathy 11 years ago at my local Athletic Club, where she was known as the best yoga instructor. I hired her as my personal trainer for quite a while. I was old and fat and that was 15 years ago. Unlike most trainers, Kathy provides individual attention even in group classes. She points out our weaknesses and tells us what we can do about them. Over the years I have increased body strength and mobility. For a long time, I was keeping up with people 30 years younger than me. Today, even with my health problems, I can still do quite a lot. Doctors say “keep it up.” I’ve learned how important core strength is to enjoying life. I was hospitalized earlier this year. Nurses wanted to give me a walker or a wheelchair, as well as P.T. I had no problem walking because of my training. I joined the gym to meet people, and the only longtime friends I have from those three years were people I met in Kathy’s yoga class. I like to just set up my mat and tablet in my home. There is no need to drive to the gym, change clothes, find a place to set up and reverse the procedure afterward. I was seriously ill for two years and continued to do my best every week, I only have 5-10 lbs. to lose. I walk 2 to 4+ miles a day and don’t need a walker. If you’re under 60, a walker is probably not a threat YET. My goal is to lose some fat without losing muscle. I plan to continue doing the best I can until I can’t 🙂 With Kathy, I am 10 pounds lighter and have a 1 inch less waist. I would like to thank Kathy, Belle, and Courtney. My yoga buddies.”


-Dan’s favorite cheat foods are cake and beef. 

-Dan’s favorite “Kathy Saying” is Savasana. 

Meet Christine. Amazing mom, wife, and career superstar. With consistency and hard work, she has transformed her habits and her body. A structured weight training program, macro makeover, and cutting down on her cardio running time produced the results she was looking for. With online Health Coaching, you get what you need to improve. Stronger, Faster, Better! There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health and fitness programs and routines.  Watch for her story and training details on my blog!

Train to enjoy that amazing ride, hike, and LIFE! Meet Elliott! Busy life as an architect with lots of desk time and travel. He rarely misses a workout with the convenience of MY NEW VIRTUAL TRAINING STUDIO! Elliott enjoys motocross, car racing, mountain biking, and skiing! He brings a positive attitude to every workout!

“The virtual training option offers the flexibility to get my workouts done in different locations. Kathy always makes them challenging and at a higher level than is possible on my own. The camera allows a high level of detailed supervision like the trainer is in the room. It really boosts my energy to get the day started early with a positive accomplishment.” -EB