Transformations Before and After

Real life people, real life changes. Our priority is to help you live your best and healthiest life. High quality attention to your needs and goals sets you up for success. Our training programs will help you look and feel your best!



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Kathy’s PF Training sessions along with “never miss if I can help it” YogaFit classes, keep me feeling really strong and fit. -Pam


In 2005 I quit smoking and gained quite a belly. When I met Kathy I asked her to help me lose it. With her help, I lost at least 20 pounds and gained a lot of body strength. While skiing I noticed my ability to recover from a fall improved dramatically, as it did while just going through my day, walking, climbing stairs, etc. I wish Kathy could help me lose about 20 years but in some ways she has. She has taught me to watch my diet, to pay attention to nutrition, and to exercise regularly. I enjoy working with the class because I don’t have the initiative to work on my own, and I enjoy the company.


Kathy's Yoga Classes are THE BEST. I look forward and leave transformed. Thankful for her amazing guidance, patience, and wisdom.