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and I will give you my best skin care tips for the winter glow you will be sporting all season! I am a skin care junkie and love researching and testing the latest and best skin care technology for home use! With a single Mom’s budget, I have to pick and choose how I spend those extra dollars on healthy skincare products. Let’s start with some basics.  First on the list:

1.) Get the blood moving! Circulation! Exercise! Sweat every single day! Even if it’s a quick walk with the dog. Need some motivation, support, and a program? Give me 15 minutes of your day, 4 times a week. FIT TIP ACTION ITEM: SIGN UP and Start Training with ME! Training works for accountability, support, and making the best use of your time. I promise I will get you will start GLOWING!

2.) Eat Clean.  What you put in your mouth in private, you wear in public. It’s true! Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside! Strive to eat clean 80% of the time. Keep the fridge stocked with fresh organic fruits, veggies, and clean proteins! Salmon, tofu, and almonds. Limit red meat to maintain a low level of inflammation in your body.  Avoid sugar, alcohol, white flour, as they all add to inflammation which leaves your skin looking dull and tired.

3.) HYDRATE! I know you have heard this one a thousand times! Quick story: I have a client that just lost 15 pounds after years of dieting, and working out with me. She had the information, and is well versed on healthy lifestyles but she wasn’t following thru on some basics. I have to tell you this, she never misses her workouts and her diet is on track for the most part. But can you guess the one action item she wasn’t doing? Drinking enough water! Walking around dehydrated slows the metabolism by 15%. By changing her daily habits she changed the scale and she looks 10 years younger! WIN! SUCCESS! RESULTS!

FIT TIP ACTION ITEM: Take a gallon jug of water and grab a sharpie! Make 6 lines somewhat equal and write: Morning before breakfast/mid morning/ before lunch/ afternoon/before dinner/before bed. And let’s  just see if you are drinking as much water as you think you are!

4.) S-l-e-e-p.  If you are not getting into rem sleep each night it will show on your face. Create a bedtime ritual and stick to it.  Soak in a Epsom salt bath with lavender oil. Spray your sheets with lavender. If you need more tips on getting to sleep, message me! I was stuck in that place for a short time and I  know all the tricks!   FIT TIP ACTION ITEM: Start by tracking your sleep with a fitbit!

5.) Supplements. Collagen Peptides have rocked my world! My hair, nails and skin are turning over cell growth at the pace of a teenager. Amazing. My manicurist noticed and asked me what I was doing different.  Along with resisting the urge to pick my nails off, I started taking Vital Proteins. Along with a big change in my wrinkles, cellulite and  the texture of my skin, my knees are feeling great! My brother just had both knees replaced this last year and I have the same genes! Staying active is vital for me and I have noticed the occasional knee pain is gone. COLLAGEN from the inside out!  Amazon sells @VitalProteins  and you can have them in your hands in a day or two!

FIT TIP ACTION ITEM: Do your own research and then head to AMAZON!

Little things add up to BIG differences! If you take away ONE of these tips, that’s a step in the right direction. There is no single tip, but a series of lifestyle changes. You can work with your genes.

To be continued…..That’s the first 5.

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Kathy Dolan

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