Not getting enough protein? Scary!

Hey Fit & Fabs! Scary is not getting enough protein after your muscle-building weight training. Scary is putting in all that sweat and hard work and not getting muscle popping results. Are you working out and still not seeing the muscle tone you desire?! You could be protein deficient.
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 7 Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Results!
1.) Not getting enough protein. Protein is the building block for muscles; if you’re not getting enough of it, you will not increase muscle mass and you may lose your hair. Scary!
2.) Not sleeping enough. During sleep, deep sleep, the body is able to repair and rebuild the muscle fibers that are broken down during exercise. Sleep is a building block for muscle. 
3.) Consuming too much alcohol.
4.) Not increasing weight and reps, ever.
5.) Skipping workouts and not making them up. 
6.) Lack of muscle confusion (aka doing the same thing over and over).
7.) Lack of a progressive planned periodzation program.
Stop wondering around the gym aimlessly and hire a Fitness Pro to help you achieve the body you dream of and build the muscle you’re lacking.  It’s really not scary. It’s science. You can do it!  

Check out this article by the New York Times!

-Kathy Dolan 

Kathy Dolan, ACE Fitness Pro, Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, is a self-employed business owner. You will find her teaching and training on the Class It Up Virtual Studio and writing health and fitness programs for clients of all ages. She enjoys spending time with her three kids whether it’s in the mountains or on the seashore. 
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I have had a love affair with the bosu since the late 90’s. From our first date I have found bosu exciting, challenging and I am a better athlete being in this long term marriage. The benefits are many and it is an investment in my retirement. What more could you ask for?

Being a new trainer at Snowcreek Athletic Club, I was the annoying trainer who kept pulling the stability balls and bosus out of the closet. My clients balancing acts were quite entertaining and like all new fitness trends, eventually caught on and stayed on. David Weck, inventor of the BOSU is a genius. One thing I have learned from the get go, Fitness is ever changing and it’s vital for trainers to keep abreast of the latest research and findings to keep clients moving with the best results. If you are stuck in a bad relationship with your fitness program, there is help. Hire a ACE FITNESS pro and apply some CPR (Creative Programing with Results) to your program.